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A light and refreshing blonde ale with a subtle malt sweetness is balanced out by a touch of hops to create a versatile beer with a clean finish.

4.8% ABV 27 IBU
A medium bodied, curiously drinkable, peachy ale! Made with natural white peach puree.

7.6% ABV 15.7 IBU
Dr_Frankenpiez (1)
Dr. Frankenpiez
This Pumpkin-Apple Pie Ale has been aged for 4 months in single malt whiskey barrels from our friends at Copper Fox Distillery. This ale has a wonderful blend of pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves that go wonderfully with the single malt whiskey flavors.

6.2% ABV 28 IBU
A10 Warthog
A-10 Warthog
A full bodied wheat ale brewed to the strength of a bock bier. While it is comparable to the barley-based regular Bock bier, a Weizenbock is the stronger, richer and darker version of an unfiltered Hefeweizen.

8.5% ABV 21 IBU
A ruby-hued lager with a warming character and just a touch of spicy rye. Notes of toffee and caramel will beg you to take a sip of this substantial beer.

7% ABV 28 IBU
Babe’s Revenge
A boombastic, dark and sexy Imperial Stout of epic proportions made with Belgian Candi Sugar, Maple syrup and a sinister spirit.

15.2% ABV 60 IBU
That Beer
This hazy session IPA has a pleasant aroma of citrus fruit and a smooth juicy flavor that makes you want more of That Beer.

4.5% ABV 28 IBU
Legacy 2020
Rested in Woodford Reserve Double Oaked barrels for over 6 months. A dangerous, but tamed beast. Notes of vanilla, coconut and oak with chocolate and a slight hint of alcohol.

16% ABV 29 IBU
Drinking the 7C’s
This Imperial IPA uses a special blend of hops called Falconer Flight 7 C's which gives off a subtle floral aroma of citrus and grapefruit. This blend provides a slight bitter hop forward taste that finishes with a wonderful juicy fruitiness.
8.7% ABV 52 IBU
Rye Not?
This Helles Lager is brewed with a special yeast strain that has a cool fermentation temperature.
4.8% ABV 14.9 IBU
Furst_Worthog (1)
Fürst Worthog
This Hefeweizen has a light aroma of citrus and spiced cloves that is transferred to your palate along with notes of bananas for a refreshing taste of good times to come.
4.4% ABV 10 IBU
Boyz-N The Hood
A clean and simple malt bill of Pale Ale and Six Row barley, with just a touch of wheat and Munich malt. Nothing crazy. It is very lightly hopped with UK Fuggles.

6.6% ABV 12 IBU